Attn: NativeAmericanAssassin

"bzjj, blah, blah, blah. Meet my terms and sign on the dotted fucking line then he gets his wish."

Not only did Jason "sign on the dotted line", as you say, but he drove 6 HOURS to fight you!! As we all know, you didn't show up, and didn't even call the promoter to let him know that you weren't showing up!

How many times does he need to "sign on the dotted line" before you will actually fight him?

Fool me once- shame on you, fool me twice- shame on me!

Please stop trying to act like you want a fight, that in your heart, you know that you don't really want! Quit trying to play the "victim". You were given a great opportunity and blew it. Now you are trying to shift the blame onto the promoter, your "posse", and anyone else that you can think of.

Like I said in an earlier thread, I don't think that you are worthy of a fight with Jason, but if he DOES decide to fight you, you are going to be in trouble, because all of your trash talk is getting back to him. It is simply giving him fuel to kick your ass.

Agreed BZ

LOL @ Hot Potato! :)

potato how come u keep sticking up for that dip shit


HP is being sarcastic

Time to take your pills NAA....

Nice troll job...LOL

that dip shit doesnt deserve respect, and his record inst all that, must be his butt buddy

LOL @ Hot Potato

BZLJJ is now officially my favourite mod.

"I never signed no contract. Im a fighter who believes in sanctioned events by a state or sanctioning body."

Why did you then agree to fight Medina in the first place? If that is an excuse you were lying saying that you wanted to fight. If you say you are going to fight that is a verbal contract. Where is you honour?

"Where is you honour?"

Apparently, the white man took that in exchange for fire water, Quaaludes, or whatever was fashionable at the time.

mods, is there some way to take away a green name? i feel only true fighters should warrant that.

"6-17-0 speaks for itself. This prick is pathetic"

6-17??????????? You loudmouth prick, I'd fight you for free.

Seriously... you were tryin to get all big, tellin me to sign on the dotted line and shit... way to go, BRO... if only you weren't 10 losses in the hole with a promoter calling you on being a flake.

How about this, Sparky... sounds like there are some people out there who are done with "your terms". Might be time to pay some dues, fight on someone else's terms, and repair your reputation like a man.

... or you can just keep trolling the UG looking for keyboard fodder, ya fuck.

free fight here too

"Like I said, meet my terms and sign on the dotted line."

Apparently, your reading comprehension sucks! lol

"I am much to good with my hands for the Medina's of the MMA world. I am a big time caliber fighter dude. know that and respect that."

LOL! Yeah, we will all just take your word for it, since that is all we have to go on.

"I will fight medina"

You will fight him when YOU decide? He doesn't have time to play your games. You had your chance to fight him and then DIDN'T CALL OR SHOW UP, but then come on here talking about how you could've/should've/would've kicked his ass? lol!

"blow I didnt show up shit right out your ass. It was what it was."

It was you not showing up, and not calling! ;)

"I never signed no contract. Im a fighter who believes in sanctioned events by a state or sanctioning body."

Many fighters don't. Jason didn't. He took the word of the promoter and showed up, like you were supposed to, and got paid. That sounds like a VERY fair promoter IMO.

"Im much to good."

So I have heard.

"I can basiclly fuck anybody up at Militich camp."

Now you are simply trolling.

"Nick diaz is a twig and has limited standup. what do u think I would do to Medina, the guy would have a broken jaw. same for all the rest of them limited stand up fucks down at Militich's. Let them know this. blah, blah, blah about what Medina would have done."

What does Nick Diaz or the rest of MFS have to do with you fighting Jason and NOT SHOWING UP OR NOT CALLING TO LET ANYONE KNOW THAT YOU WOULDN'T BE THERE?

"i dont care what Jeff Paul comes on here and says. He called and said you guys didnt want the fight. that is the truth."

Well, I don't believe that he said that, but even if he did, I can reassure you that we JUMPED at the chance. My only reservation was the fact that you are a NOBODY in the MMA world, and Jason had nothing to gain by beating you. However, Jeff agreed to pay Jason what we felt was a very fair amount and he took the fight willingly on a 5 day notice!

"he told me to come on here and stir up all kinds of shit with you, well he got his fucking wish. didnt he? If u say this is a lie Jeff then the hell with u"

Once again, I have a hard time believing this, as Jeff has shown to me to be a person with a lot of class. He has been very professional and did not strike me as this guy that you are trying to make him out to be.

"u seem real jelious. lol"

At least he seems able to read and spell.

"about fucking limited Medina. who the hell has he fought. nobody's. he fucking fights at Monte cox's fucking toughman shows of MMA"

He does not claim to be something that he is not, but I can tell you that he took a fight with Frank Trigg on 2 days notice! But, the key thing here is, he HAS fought MANY times in MMA (unlike YOU), and...

...HE SHOWED UP!!!! :)

Being KO'd or TKO'd 13 times is tough on the brain.

Im penning the undercard for the next EC May 6th. It is santctioned by the Iowa athletic comission, and is being hosted in my house (Harrah's casino) Medina wants to be on the card BAD!

NAA you in?

BTW, what are your terms and conditions?

Now you have a chance to prove it at a sanctioned event.

NAA, what weight you fight at?

I might be able to get you those terms.