Attn: Nerds! Where does “Alpha Flight” rank?

Also Pet Avengers take Alpha Flight...

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jscorbett -

I bought probably the first year of their series. Kinda fizzled out for me.

Same here.

I have the first few years and it went it weird directions where the writing just didn't seem great.

I wish I had all my old comics.

My Mom move once I was away at school and gave them all away.

It still pains me.

JackFunk -

I'll take Captain Canuck!


I have all the original series including the final unreleashed issue.

I live this comic series as a kid.

I've met Richard Comely as well.

This comic should have been amazing but the inductry at the time and Comely himself never got it together.

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Nitecrawler -

![](upload://hSDIcOd5SNO1RvZfv91x90Ui5tL.jpeg)Was going through my old comics the other day and came across some Alpha Flight comics. I really dug them as a superhero team and started thinking about where they ranked as a team. Kind of came to the conclusion that they would get starched by any of the biggies (Avengers, XMen etc) but was thinking it might be cool if Marvel rolled them into their cinematic universe. 


Anyone else like Alpha Flight?

Canadian super heroes? Pretty low!


One of my favorites but still probably better conceived than executed. The reason for that is Byrne didn’t care for his own creation and didnt realize how cool it was. I don’t like Uber powerful characters