Attn: Noelle!!!

When I was trying to get into the biz, my agent said the worst thing I could do on camera was to shart myself. And now Tim Sylvia shart's himslef on live tv!!! And STILL gets the part of Jason!?!? JHC.


Derek Mears is rumored to be staying on as Jason Voorhees for the next Friday the 13th movie.

Sylvia playing Jason was a troll.


Yeah right. I am so tired of hearing all thease models "smile and get discovered" yeah right more like "shart and get discovered", I hate this buisness.

Have you considered getting rid of all your body hair? Worked for Derek!

No. I would look more like a shaolin monk if I did, not and olympic swimmer like Mears. Thanks for the advice though.

For some guys the getting rid of body hair most really work