Attn: Not Lettuce...

I was wondering if it would be alright to schedule a time to go over techniques N stuff...and for you to teach me some cool, new moves...?

Gracias, señor. Aguardaré su contestación.

Please email me to discuss.

Thanks, Rowan

Kes, how's your cousin doing? It's been too long.

Happy New Year btw.

Dude, she's doing well. How are you doing? How's that leg? Have you started training again?

And thnx...HAPPY NEW YEAR, to you too!

Rowan: I sent you an e-mail.

What about me? What about Raven?

This is a one man job my friend.

Kes, I should be back in a few weeks, my training partners are shattering bench press records and I'm just sitting on my ass getting fat.

I have to pop in to pick up some stuff so I'll see you b4 I start training. I know how much the girls at SND miss me.

btw, totally kidding about the cus. don't fetch your brother on me.

Hola Jay!!!!!!!! I hope things are going well w/ ya!

Ummm...Gabora, you train at IFF U. James? If so, what time does it close tonight. Need to do legs.

hey Kes and Rowan....................i know you guys arent going to do techniques (N STUFF) so why even bother to try and cover it up

LOL yeah youre playing video games 2gether!!!Admit it!

go heart

Fearless1, who are you at the club?

And liborio1, Rowan and I are going to start a rap group. I'm going to be his dj, and he's going to be a rapper. Fer schizzle. Werd'ap! And all "dat" good stuff.

ttt4Rowan, my brother from another mother.

Jeremy, "who cares?"

Kesi, the only thing Rowan raps is christmas presents for patrick!

This thread has gone from 'zero to silly' in record time.

sorry there DJmisskittie im just playing killer.

its mark, the blue belt that was showing you the bicep crushers.

i was trying more to have a reaction from rowan but it failed;(..............oh well

Not Lettuce, only you and Big Gay Al from South Park still use the word "silly"