Attn: NYC food people

Where do you buy Sushi quality fish? I have a few fresh fish markets near me, but I'm afraid to eat their stuff raw. Where and what should I look for?

Edited: in Brooklyn, or downtown Manattan.

maybe citarella or "the lobster place" in chelsea markets? there are probalby better places though...

I was going to suggest the Fulton market but I think they moved to the Bronx and I don't know if they sell retail. You may have to get there early in the morning like the restaurant/market owners.

There is place near me in Bay Ridge that seem to be clean. Forget the name of the place but it's near 86th Street and 3rd Ave.

i'm pretty sure you cant buy retail @ fulton. i've only ever bought from whole foods and they are hit or miss, i'd call first and ask for the fish manager.

i ONLY trust the fish store at chelsea market. always smell the fish before you buy it, though, no matter where you are.

I second the Chelsea market.