ATTN: NYers Online petition for MMA in NY State

New York UFC Fans Who Join the Fight to Bring Professional MMA to the Empire State will Receive One Free Month of UFC FIGHT PASS

The new webpage can be found here:

Lorenzo Fertitta announced the launching of a new page on the official UFC website to provide New Yorkers with a new way to show their support for legalizing and regulating professional mixed martial arts in the last place in North America where professional MMA is illegal.

New Yorkers are urged to join tens of thousands of fans from Buffalo to Montauk and sign up and for a grassroots campaign to urge the New York State Assembly to finally pass the bill to legalize and regulate MMA in New York, as the State Senate has now done on a bipartisan basis for six consecutive years.

“New York is home to some of the most ardent and knowledgeable MMA fans in the world. UFC’s television ratings and PPV purchases by New Yorkers are among the best in the nation, and they are eager to attend events in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and of course the iconic Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center,” Fertitta said.

“We wanted to create a new vehicle for these passionate New York fans to demonstrate their support for legalizing MMA in New York and use their grassroots strength to convince Members of the Assembly that they can’t wait any longer to bring the world’s fastest growing sport to the Empire State,” Fertitta said. “I’ve travelled across the state and was in Albany just last month. I constantly hear from fans eager to help and now we’ve provided a way for them to do just that.

“By providing your name, email, and zip code, you are joining tens of thousands of other New Yorkers in telling the State Assembly, ‘legalize MMA in New York NOW,’ ” Fertitta said.

Fertitta also announced, that when New York residents sign up as part of the grassroots team to legalize MMA, they will receive a free one-month membership to the UFC digital streaming service,

“As our optimism grows that 2015 will finally be the year, we want to say ‘thank you’ to New Yorkers for the support they have shown and continue to show,” Fertitta said. “When residents of New York officially join our team to fight for legalization of MMA in New York, they will receive a complimentary free one-month subscription to UFC FIGHT PASS.

“We continue to have strong bipartisan support for this commonsense effort – which will also go a long way in protecting thousands who compete in amateur MMA in New York, although it is unregulated – and this year it passed the State Senate by the largest margin ever, 47-14,” Fertitta said. “We urge supporters to call or write their Assembly Member to tell him or her that you support legalizing and regulating professional MMA in New York.”

The new webpage can be found here:

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How about a petition to get this app to work.... disregard, top men apparently are on it. Phone Post 3.0

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VU, Kirik. Phone Post 3.0

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Stea1th - Doesn't work for me says it can't be submitted Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't work for me either.

Top Men coded the petition as well? Phone Post 3.0

Sooo in!! Phone Post 3.0

I just did it and works fine. Still no confirmation email saying I have joined like I assumed would have shown up.

Is everyone here from NY like me? If so where? I'm actually in Albany.

Manhattan UGer checking in

Capital Region. Signed.

Go figure I can't submit at this time. The top men must be behind this too. Phone Post 3.0


Hoping for ufc in St louis soon but having a MSG card would be huge. Phone Post 3.0

Manhattan. Charlie Rangel country in Harlem. Phone Post 3.0

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You know damn well we are all getting on the train to MSG... Phone Post 3.0

I'll sign with the stipulation Dana White can never enter NYC. Phone Post 3.0

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I'd shit my pants if there was a fight night in Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton.  I can't imagine the quality of people that would crawl out of the woodwork for a Utica show.

Hahah Syracuse has a good few great gyms!! I've trained at most of them

And I've been to regional Utica shows. Let's say it's not like the boston crowd. Think county fair mixed with derby Phone Post 3.0