Attn OG Chess players

Candidates resumed today

Fabi dropped a nuke of prep on MVL. Sacrificed three pawns to get to the endgame and just ground him down

Fabi is a monster man


The stakes are high and this tournament has been on pause for a year. It seems like the players might be sitting on record levels of opening prep.

I just use Firefox on Android and things work well enough.

i think you’re right. and what i found interesting was that almost all of the players have been participating in online tournaments (mostly blitz and rapid style) throughout the year off, except Fabi. i get the sense he’s just been holed up and prepping for this tournament the entire time

try this link

finally beat a 2000 rated player online, but i suspect that chesstempo is probably 100 points inflated over i remember playing people on who knew how to break my openings but not so much on chesstempo; i can generally play zuckertort opening to indian without any problems, and had more wins doing that then english, which i’m actually stronger in.

past move 40, it became more like a blitz game so it was more sloppy, and his opening allowed him to advance his pawn. his flaw i think was too focused on maintaining his queen’s pawn on d6 and he got sloppy on his tactics. i was under a lot of pressure in the opening. any suggestions are welcome. I’m black:

also, if anyone knows how to post the screen it would be appreciated; i seem to only know how to post the link. cheers.

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Candidates re-started yesterday.

Caruana, as expected, came in blazing. MVL defended very well until he jumped into a difficult endgame. Instructive theory.

Don’t miss live analysis from Carlsen. He’s joined by another very strong GM (David Howell), but it’s clear he’s miles ahead of him.

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Well done! Very messy game, which is the right way to play against a stronger opponent. He got lost in the tactics

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how do I get in on this?

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create a free account on, and look for the og group. add a request to join the group with your og username. it’s fun!

funkstew should approve you.
for people who are bored, this is a sloppy and wild game i played. i can’t say it’s my best game ever because i couldn’t stop his queenside attack and advance, and he was under a time crunch at the end and blundered. but i was able to counterattack kingside just as i thought i was going to lose. if i had played a more solid positional game, i would have been more happy, but i’ll have to analyse later. he was rated 2200, but like i said before, i think ratings are at least 100 points higher.

i’d say it’s useful to play blitz once in a while to get used to rapid endgame moves from my experience, but drilling tactics to death has helped me a lot. i find when you are looking at 2-4 move tactics, i don’t need to do much more than 1500 rated puzzles, but i’d be interested in hearing opinions.

thanks! you and dehumidifier have been the biggest help in improving my game!

of course tournaments were useful and the rest of the chess ogers were generous as well. i still hate silman;) he’s an unfunny fuck.

The reason you don’t teach someone to shoot to wound is that a firearm is a deadly weapon. If you’re using it that means you are using deadly force and believe it’s needed. Additionally if you’re using a weapon you aim center mass as that is the best way to hit a target especially in a high stress situation. If you miss the target aiming for a limb you’re far more likely to miss and potentially have that round strike something or someone else.

and that is why you play the sicilian.

Speaking of which, this book almost got me in a fight when an Italian caught me reading it in public transport :slight_smile:

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i have a pretty good tactical eye (im 2100+ on puzzles on but my biggest issue remains putting myself in position to spot tactics

like if i know a tactic is there on the board, i’ll find it. if i don’t…who knows

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