Attn: Pat (About charity event)

Dear Mr. Miletich,

      I am writing you today to see if you would be one of my instructors for Seminar of Champions 3 to benefit the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital in October 2006? I am waiting to see when the UFC and PRIDE schedules are out for that month so I dont schedule the same weekend as them. I know you were interested in doing the 1st and 2nd event, but you had prior committments. This year so far Kenny Florian and Kyra Gracie are confirmed, and the event will be taken place in LaCrosse,WI! It would be an honor if you could be a part of this. Email me at if interested and I can go over all the details with you Sir. Thank you for your time.

Best WIshes,


Fearless Goat,

If I have no conflicts with my guys fighting on the same date, I don't see a problem.


thanks a lot Pat. I completely understand. I truly value any instructor that puts their students and family above everything else. I sincerely mean that. I wish my coach/trainer was like that.

I will email you the date as soon as PRIDE and UFC set their dates for around the October time so I dont book the same day.

We will be in touch.

Can I get information from you at about how to go about being affiliated with MFS?