Attn: Paul Hopkins


You've got mail! Both snail mail and e-mail. Could you drop me a line if you got my e-mail, just so I know there isn't any trouble with it?



No problem. I am just waiting until later in the week when I can grab some bubble wrap from wal-mart, and they will be on the way. I am sending about 12 different types of Capsicum chinense (habanero relatives) from Jamaica, Trinidad, Central Africa, Peru, and other parts of South America and the Caribbean. Each has a slightly different flavor which you can make rubs with and etc. I am even sending one which is a South American habanero with no heat, has all the smoky, apricot-like taste of an habanero but is mild, so the less gastronomically brave of your friends can enjoy your rubs as well.


Send him the Gutamalan insanity peppers (Simpsons Reference).

Adam "Spices cause Accidents" Singer

I am sending him the world's 3 hottest peppers.

Accidents, huh?