Attn: Paul Viele & New Judo DVD

Paul, I still have the 50.00 discount code and am wating for the new Judo Throws for MMA set to come out.

Last I heard is was due out before the discount expired on 12/31/04. I haven't heard anything as of yet on the forum or World Martial Arts wed site so I was just woundering if the set to be relesased in time?


Judo for MMA will be out possibly next month. Almost 100% by at least the end of Jan or start of Feb. I will have to make a new MMA.TV discount code for that set. I will anounce it around that time. Thanks,


thanks - looking forward to this set!

Who is doing the instructional?

karo parisian I think

Yes, Karo. Thanks

Paul, when will the swain tapes be available on dvd?

Wouldn't Judo throws for MMA just be Greco-Roman throws?

Sounds interesting. What makes this MMA specific, and distinguishes it
from other Judo and Vale Tudo sets out there?