ATTN: Paul Viele

I want to order the Garcia dvd's but the shipping you charge is way overpriced. Did you use to run a free shipping deal recently on those dvd's? If not can you discount the shipping if I ship it to a commercial address which ups charges much less to do? Even better, can I use my ups collect number for shipping? Thanks.

I agree about the shipping. For orders to Europe it is $40 - so obviously I ain't gonna buy anything under $100 at least.

I have bought from VMA before, but it was a big order(MS Vale Tudo 1 & 2 for about $400 IIRC) so the shipping costs came to about 10-15% extra.

Hopefully Paul will offer a less expensive option in future. I mean, shipping 3 DVDs shouldn't have to cost $40 - $10-15 would be better.

It has to make business sense - it would definitely make me get, say, an extra set a year.

Here is the situation with shipping. For domestic, it has actually become cheaper in some circumstances. We used to charge $15 flat rate. On this, we made a little money on local and broke even on some like in CA. Our new shopping cart however now ties directly into UPS for its pricing and if you live in lets say the North east, you will pay less the $15.

On the other hand, we used to also go flat rate for UPS over seas. On many situations, we lost money. By now tying into the UPS shipping system, you are seeing the actual UPS shipping cost and it isn't pretty. Because of this, we are going to start using USPS for overseas shipping. The price should be much lower for over seas customers. Thanks, Paul


Thanks Paul. I already called in and placed the order and the lady was very helpful.

I will say that I do not think that the shipping shown was actual ups shipping. We ship ups at my work so i typed in your zip code and made the package one pound more then it would really weigh. Your site was charging $14.40 when actual shipping was about $5 or $6 to a commercial site and $7.70 to a residential location.

No biggie though. I ordered the marcelo dvd's and I am sure I will be satisfied when they arrive.


Just looked at the shipping price for Mario Sperry's Masters Series 1 to Europe.