Attn: Paul Viele

Hi Paul can you please respond to my email regarding Order #: WMA20041103001526

I asked you to respond on the thread entitled

"Saulo DVD 6 Pass Guard, Video Clip "

but I guess you didn't see it. I sent the email about 2 or 3 days ago. Thanks.

Sorry, I did not recieve your email. I found the order however. What can I help you with on this?

Hi Paul, I resent the email to you. The subject is entitled

Order #: WMA20041103001526

Thanks in advance.

Send it to this email instead:

resent again...thanks

Paul, you keep saying that some of your AOL emails get lost. Is it possible theyre getting caught in the automatic spam filter? Do you check your spam directory periodically?

Sent you another email asking about shipping time. PLease read and reply when you get the chance.