From his MMAJunkie article

"It has been nearly nine months since Brett Rogers knocked out Hawaiian golden gloves champ Dutche Pu, at an X1 event, a fight that is still not up on his record. Almost everywhere I went in Hawaii people asked me if he is for real. He is now 7-0 with 7 KOs and has only been to the second round once. He also has only been training two years. The only weakness I can see in his game is his victory dance, which if you saw it live, would make you cringe. It was kind of like the leprechaun in the Lucky Charms commercial. Otherwise Rogers is a very scary man, and Kimbo Slice better be very careful."

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that dance! LoL

My vote is for Rogers v Kimbo in May!

A non-can for Kimbo, YAY!

I'd absolutely love to see that fight. I have a feeling Kimbo wouldn't be having a pleasant night...

Anyone have a vid of the dance?

ttt for a video LoL

IMO, Brett is going to be the Elite XC heavyweight champion and will prove all the haters wrong. Personally, I can't wait.

Anyone HW in EliteXC has a tall order in Antonio Silva, but Rogers looks like he has a ton of potential.  I would love to see him fight Kimbo.

I would love to see it!!! But prob won't happen :-(