attn people that use "YEAH"

up your fucking game and use "YES" before i shove my fucking cancerour aids infected cack into your throat asa akira style and fark you until you yes me.



thank you.

Go on..... Phone Post 3.0

Yeah is a very common thing to hear in new york..

You in Cali now? Grab a green card when you get a chance ah? Phone Post 3.0

^^i plan to fren

Yeah right? Phone Post 3.0

why did you poke the bear?

Only worse is yup. Phone Post 3.0

no "yeah" on text is fucking disrespectful

There's a BB out of Gracie Kailua. Ryan I think is the broski's name. His "yea" game is on point beyond fucking points (from Philadelphia). FC.. If you met him your head would probably explode into a million cheesesteaks. Phone Post 3.0

it doesn't matter if somebody says it, as long as they don't text it. 

how about the "yeah, but....", anything after the but is something that is either already known or irreverent.

lol I am in a constant battle with myself to write/text in proper English form, or casual, "speaking" form.

Now I'll have to go look through my texts and see what I actually use.

btw, because of this, I also hate acronyms and abbreviations (with the exception of "btw") and when I see too many in someone's text, I just stop reading and put my phone away.

I text "yup".....gnome sayin?

I say yeah all the time. Fuck you, good sir. Phone Post 3.0