Attn Personal Trainers.. tips for adding clients?

What's up OG? I obtained my CPT through NASM and recently started what I hope to turn into a career in the fitness industry. Just looking for any general advice, or tips for building up clientele when u are just getting started? Vtfu for any help! Phone Post 3.0

Get really good at sales. You could be the best trainer in the world but if you can't sell yourself then you aren't worth shit. Phone Post 3.0

I'm out to lunch now then have a packed schedule when I get back. Hopefully later tonight I could go into greater detail later on sales strategy, demonstrating value, words to never use, referrals, etc... Phone Post 3.0


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esque - I work at a commercial gym and get a flat rate of $35 per client hour (50 minutes). My strength is that I have way more education than most of my colleagues. That's also my recommendation, get more education to stand out. NASM is pretty good, I got my MMACS and SNS from them.

Also, start a website with a scientific twist. A good example is Dean Somerset. Use Squarespace, it's extremely easy.

You could probably also use the fact that you've fought MMA to your advantage. Says something about your dedication and character imo. Phone Post 3.0
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bigwignj - I'm out to lunch now then have a packed schedule when I get back. Hopefully later tonight I could go into greater detail later on sales strategy, demonstrating value, words to never use, referrals, etc... Phone Post 3.0
Would very much appreciate this! Phone Post 3.0

The most important thing is just being personable as a trainer to get new clients a lot of the job if you are friendly and can engage in conversation with somebody and know your stuff you can go a long way. If you are in a commercial gym don't get too occupied sticking in the free weights chatting to your friends as they won't pay for sessions from you! Don't be scared of rejection and remember its your business they are saying no to and not you yourself!

look for women on the elliptical treadmill etc and just start a conversation and go from there, or just look around at men who look completely lost usually do 1 set and move on from a machine etc, selling is a big part of it, but usually doing a good taster session with a prospective client can sell itself, usually after a free trial session I just ask would you like to do another session next week and then show them my price list and go from there I know that's not the best way to do it but I manage to get clients not be too pushy although sometimes people do need a little persuasion.

More clients will come after you've already got some through recommendations and get friendly with receptionists etc and they will hook you up with clients too on the odd occasion.

Don't get too downhearted when people promise that theyll do 3 sessions a week and then they don't follow through its just part of the game and always try and get at least 4 weeks money upfront it's good for you as you get paid and it's good for them as they will stick with it for at least 4 weeks.
Get used to women saying they don't want to do weights as they don't want to get massive Mac for numerous people to tell you they want to get fit first before having a pt. It's a really rewarding job and it pays pretty good too. Good luck bro!

Awesome thread! I just started my NASM CPT schooling online. I'm looking forward in transitioning from a life of Construction (100K a year and top notch benefits) but a job a LOATHE to actually doing something that I enjoy. Big ups to all the advice! Phone Post 3.0

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congrads bro!im an NASM CPT CES/YES.i used to work for 24 & golds but now im indy

my advantages are first,i look the part.sounds dumb,but it helps.and i always smile,even if i just had the most shitty week of my life.somewhat flirtatious,but very professional.

second is my education and additional certs.if you're at a commercial gym,it raises your % in most cases.

lots of trainers i know only work when they got clients or only come in at peak hours. i come from a military background,so i'm like fuck that! give it your all! put in the hours.when i first started with 24hr fitness,all of the trainers were jealous because i was killin calendars were always full while my counterparts were sometimes starving and working 2 jobs to get by.fuck that,put in the time and scope everyone out.everyone is a fucking client,they just don't know it.a good excuse to be out on the floor doing that is,to just going around straightening up the gym.the manager thinks you're a great employee,patrons always see you,and your finding your next client.

lastly but most importantly,salesmanship.learn to 10 min. power breaks to re energize.stay positive and keep your eye on the prize.keep the momentum going.i was once having a rough week.i managed to close out one deal and it turned me around.i ended up closing 14 clients in a 7 hour summer day(which can be some pretty hard months)because of that one sale. i recommend getting jeffery gitomers little red book of selling. it helped me step up my game when i needed it