attn phil baroni

looks like we will have to rematch in my garage! ha ha

Cool, will there be PPV coverage? :)

He is on his honeymoon.  I can arrainge that rematch for sure. 

 Kala, Ken and I should be able to talk soon.  ;-)  We'll have to build an addition on your garage though.

oh lordy

I can see it now Garage brawl I, battle in waianae

If Kala's garage falls through, they can fight in my dining room.

 Phil has fought in Pride, with and without the "metal thing" and is well aware of the "chill dog" rule.

Hopefully we will see Baroni back in the UFC one day!


I think they just started allowing it. I could be wrong.

 I'd watch that.


ttt classic!

here we go

 Kimbo/Gannon revisited

come on you got lucky, but Phil has bigger fish to fry

 kala is a cool mofo

paul117 - kala,

come on you got lucky, but Phil has bigger fish to fry


ttt for the Waianae garage pa'ina.

lucky? in the world of mma, there is no such thing as luck.

 It's a shame that the rematch will have to be under inferior rules. Icon title fight rules are the best ever, and that was one of the best fights of this year...too bad not many people got to see it. Not sure how anyone could actually consider that a lucky win either...that was as legit as it gets.