Attn: Pisand

Any word on if Matee will be putting out some instructional material?


We're going to talk in a couple weeks when i train with him.

I would love the opportunity to work with him.



Adam how is the progress on the Brennan series?

Also what is the webstore address or is there a link on your website?


Brennan series keeps getting pushed back - Chris and I keep having difficulties in scheduling.  His moving to Texas caused a delay, as did my getting very sick (basically pneumonia) for a couple months.  I'll keep you posted though!

The store has a link right from my website, MANY MANY MANY products being lined up for it, not just videos either. :-)

Nice website. ttt.

Thanks man.  The new one is going to be SICK, if I can just find time to ever get it done!!

ttt for Pisand. You could also try Matee's webpage at

What happened to Pisand?

Out of the country. Back now.

Given that Matee was fighting, the instructional idea was not on his to do list as of last month maybe he'll reconsider this fall since the promotion was botched.

That would be cool.  Please keep in touch, and I hope we can make something happen!