Attn: Pitmaster

I got trolled. nvm

Nice Backpedal. Did anyone ever point out to you that your mouth (and fingers) gets you in trouble a lot? Chuck has been at your gym before, what did you do to piss Pitmaster off?

"Chuck has been at your gym before,"

I know, a couple times.

"what did you do to piss Pitmaster off?"

No idea, but I got called a bitch for it.

Laugh it up, HP... I'm goin about this the right way, most I can do after pissin someone off that I respect as much.

Ghost seems to be writing checks with his mouth that his ass can't catch. When did you get put on a pedestal above the "lesser-entities here on". As far as I gather you are one of the lesser-known entities and many seem to put you a notch below Manny the Dishwasher...waits for fight challenge..

"waits for fight challenge.."

LOL.. no shit.

No challenges... come on guys, this sucks enough.

I guess I've worked for it though.

If anything, I'm always happy to provide humor.

Hopefully, as a result, I won't have to provide a punching bag for the Pitmaster.

Your humbleness has overcome me. ***I was being sarcastic*** Talk to him direct...not on a public form.

"Your humbleness has overcome me. The Pitmaster seems to be a good guy, I would call The Pit in Grover Beach and try to talk to him direct...not on a public form."

I am indeed humble, just in a loud, "take no shit" kinda way.

Thank you.

Ghost, the proof is in the puddin. Since you seem fairly comfortable putting stuff out for all, I'll say this. I've spoken with people that know you and don't understand the posturing and mouthy behavior that you've demonstrated here. Those same people and even myself would love nothing more than to see you reach a happier healthier place in your life. I've tried keeping an unheated dialogue with you as an attempt to provide a theraputic mileau here but the only thing that's gonna really help you is if you actually start changing your mode of operation. Seriously dude, I'm saying this because someone that I have respect for actually seems to care about you and you seem to have some smarts but you look like you're headed on a bad road and you might get to the point real quick where no amount of damage control can recover what you lose.

Yes, I just talked to him on the phone.

Post forthcoming.

"you shouldnt have made posts on other forums about his gym beinga joke and you shouldnt have said he has no place in mma."

I've been trolled hard. I've done no such thing. I go to no other forum but this one, and haven't for months.

Me and John talked about this. Nice try, guys. You lose.

Thanks for keeping the lesser-entities informed.

Looks like it... ya got one over on me.

You still lose though.

"Did you know before the phone call when you were making posts????"

Hell yeah I did, he's brought Chuck down on more than one occasion.

"I was wondering about that when I was reading your posts, I was like hmmmm doesn't Hojack train at HOC? Does Parras know about this? I was like what the hey?

Anyways, I hope you clear all this up dude."

Yup, it's clear now. I spoke to John personally. Only thing now is to watch the ones responsible snicker about it for a couple of days.

Hot Potato, that may be true, and I'm not holding any grudge. But he was not "set up" when he acted with the lack of respect that started that whole deal and he wasn't "set up" when he called me a "bitch"(amongst other things). Like I said, I'm not holding anything against Dave, I just hope any stress or concern that was caused to third parties by his recent postings is acknowledged by him in the form of NOT showing that lack of respect again.


"Like I said, I'm not holding anything against Dave, I just hope any stress or concern that was caused to third parties by his recent postings is acknowledged by him in the form of NOT showing that lack of respect again."

Again, apologies for confusion on that.

It's been confirmed for me by many people that I was impersonated on another website, and that's what this was regarding. I've apologized to John personally, for that, and for anyone associating my name with an attack on him. I've also had some very good friends clearing this up for me along the way. I thank those friends for their vigilance.

As for you, rocknroll... our confrontation was unfortunate, and again I apologize for it. That was a poor representation of what I'm about, but I guess if we're gonna meet, you'll learn that for yourself... I ain't gonna 'lawyer' ya about it. People here suck, and I've adapted. Can't say much more.

"If that's your opinion, then feel free to leave."

I'm not going to even dignify this kinda of femininity by responding to it.