John Lynch was the only free safety selected. Al Wilson should have gone, as should have Nalen and Rod Smith. Oh well, I'll settle for having the most votes at corner and free safety. LOL at you not thinking John Lynch would make it.


LOL at you for thinking 14 other Broncos would :)

I never said 14 other Broncos would. Al Wilson should have, nalen should have, and Rod Smith should have. Those are all legitimate picks. I wanted to name the whole team, but that would have been a little much.


wilson wasn't even a possibility. heck he's not even an alternate is he?

yeah LOLOL at me for having SIX

yes 6 players named and

six yes 6 more named as first alternates!!!!

Don't know who the alternates are, but with the way you clowned Lynch. Its no secret that any team with the best record in their conference will send the most people to the pro bowl. See: the Eagles. LOL at everyone dogging John Lynch then he goes to the pro bowl. The lol at hearing all these people be like, "well the pro bowl doesn't mean shit" blah blah blah. Yes Wilson should have gone, yes Nalen should habve gone, and yes Rod Smith should have gone. Don't worry though, next year it will be Lynch, Champ, DJ, Wilson, Nalen, Neil, Tatum Bell, Rod Smith, Ashlie Lelie, and Trevor Pryce.