Attn:pricks Quincy Rice management

I am now managing fighters..You cant be a pansy ass bitch have to be gangster.."Fuck the world" s the name of the my d.b.a. today...

ifyou are a complete asshole, you think you can smash anyone's dont give a fuck how you are promoted as long as you get top dollar for top fights, holla..

Any of my guys will tell you, thye get paid more than 80% of these ass kissing fagits out here..I only want mean, cocky, arrogant assholes who everyone hates..

If that is you, Im your new meal

Dont come just wanting fights, because lets be honest, you are gouing to lose some, come to me if you want paid, can be the heel and dont give a fuck beyond getting paidgetting laid and downing fifths after fights..

Is that you? I will get you paid..all I ask is that you dont turn pussy and start apologizing to fagits over bullshit...your job id to talk shit, knuckle up and live and die by the sword...if that is you, and you can live with that..holler, cause I can get you in all the shows..

quincy rice.

I will take 10% of all purses but will make you 1000.00+ to show on every fight...It pays being the most hated and disrespected man in mma..the days of bowing in, showing respect and kissing ass are want paid..then fuck everyone else..holler at me.

hate is the strongest draw behind love. anyone who says different doesnt understand the game..I am an EOE..I welcome all races, sizes, colors, creeds and religions, as long as you aint no bitch ass fagit.

FUCK THE WORlD!! want some cheddar? ill get it for you.

I see post after post about guys wanting bad you want it? Yopu willing to sell your soul for the goal? Lets run this shit

Dr Evil in the HOUSE! ttt

LMAO!! this is a joke right?

Wow! You have done wonders for "The Great" David Gardener! Now everyone "who is an asshole" can get your help.

What a deal!!!

I dont manage Dave Gardner.And since he had his big fights, I havnt...Wonder why now he has a problem??

Bottom line, top teams will pay big $$ to beat anyone affiliated with me...why? because im the midget albino gangster who gets all you pusssy fags tied in knots...Stackin riches and leavin stiches, bitch, thats what im about.

When my new team in on the job, you fagit ass rich cali fucks will pay anything to shut us up...but in the end, me and my niggas make the bread off you soft as liberal cali fagits. Best to just ship all the aliens back to their countries and count your blessings while you can...Cause Im coming, and hell is coming with me..

You want fights,

for you yf, after 2 fights, I will offer full medical and a trip tohawaii to trainwith judo master Relson gracie.


hey it bout dolla holla bro!~sam~

I haven't seen a psychotic break like this since that time Homer tried to assemble that backyard barbeque. Poor Homer....when will he learn?


LOL @ "It pays to be the most hated man in mma"

I GOT A "G" on Q for whoever he fights at his weight!

may I ask your weight?

Well, judging by his seething invective and apparent hate for a good portion of humanity, I'm gonna guess that he is that 800lb gorilla we've been hearing so much about. That would be openweight I guess.


TTT!!!!!!!metro fight club

I never had a problem with open weight, you see when I started mma, that how it was...

leumas, Im 182 right now, fight at 145.

Fuck you all.

Hey Quincy,

You've probably been drinking heavily, but I'll say it anyway.
It is not 'us' against 'them.' You don't hate 'them'
you hate 'you.'
Life is fucking tough! You have probably spent the majority of your life running from the real Master.
I have a hint......there is no where to run!

Sit down, clear your mind and ask the important questions. Not whether the armbar goes with the triange, or the osoto goes with the harai. But simply;
Who am I?....Why am I here?......How should I live?
........and....Where am I going?

I am going off to bed just now, but I am going to pray
for you with all my heart, like you were my sick sister, or depressed friend, or lonely neighbor. That is because you are!

In Him

Please edit your last post, as I will edit my bullshit I read some posts wrong! my fault it was a post knaggs put up about his and shorts training session i seen your post I just looked back and it was a mistake you said it dont suprise me you both suck! then you had a smile face well my bad bro my post is gone.. deepest apology ~sam~ just being daves boy....sorry best freind of dave's for 26 years and looking out and quick to jump....To gardner your a bad mofo people need to understand this. Mr.rice @ 145lb's the world is in your hands, for some reason i thought you were heavier while reffing the fight zones.....There is some real and I mean real talent in and around the detroit area.......So lets get on the map!!!God i love having Saulo around the corner less than a mile here in Toledo. I'm working on many things associated with "MMA" and I plan on utilizing some of my puter skillz to make some $ and spreading it around look out!And I'm sure if Knaggs catches wind of this my ass is kicked j/k..

Leumas, Jake And Dave are guys I raised up in the game man..I did MMA before they even knew what it was...Knaggs was a good striker but didnt know mma, myself, dave gomez and others made him a killer and I am his biggest fan (as is walter, my sensei)...Short was a wrestler we beat on like a child, he too has come up since then,,Recognize though, im older now..they will both be kids to me forever, but I love them and we talk shit, but we got mad love there....

Ashy, should I charge you for the couch time there freud? Dont pray for me..To quote the movie troy 'the gods are envious of us for we are mortal, we will never be as beautiful as we are today"