Attn:pricks Quincy Rice management

Q you #


I like your style Quincy



im offline now, call

You can't be serious.

Quincy Rice is good for the sport!

This is some funny shit....


I a short but i am not fat. unless by fat you mean "phat" which in that case, I truely am...bling bling bitch...Doublewide!!!!

I guess I misunderstood your thread title.

I thought you were announcing "PRICKS" your new management company. In retrospect,not only does it fit(you seem to be trying to put together a team of guys that mma fans will say"I hope that prick gets his ass KTFO this Saturday")but I think it's easier to say than "Fuck the World", which is a little vague as to it's intent(actual geo-coitus or social disdain?) Calling the team PRICKS would very clearly state your intent,I think.

Besides, it would be easier to put on a T-shirt.

TTT for team "p.R.I.C.K.S."

leumas03, no apology neccessary, I respect you having daves back.

I am personally greatfull that a hard hitter like sam pai has my back

How true.

Did Randy Rowe hack into Quincy's account or something???

Quincy Rice BIATCHES!!!!!!!

Sounds like a WWE promotion.

Quincy, You crack me up. Fuck all the haters.

Too late, you are now someone that I shall continue to pray for, joking thread or not. Especially since you quoted hollywood's Wolfgang Peteson as a source of faith.

YF - I thought that he deconstructed, or rather exploded by himself, right in front of us. All I offered is to pray for him to rebuild.

LOL... Jack Ju ROLLS!