Attn: PRIDE...Mauro's gotta go!!!

In my opinion...the last Pride was awsome, great fights, I thought Silva should have won againts Hunt, Silva showed more MMA skills and not just Boxing as did Hunt. I am impressed with Hunt and hope to see more of him but, this is MMA right? so Silva should have won. Round 1 Silva, Round 2 Hunt, Round 3 Silva

Now my only disapointment is Muaro Renello(is that his name?) I can't stand him, I feel like I'm being patronized by my old grade 3 teacher who's trying to hard to sell me on "hooked on fonix". I don't want to be too rude but come on, every other word out of his mouth makes me wanna turn off the volume and just watch! Poor Bas, he has so much to say and he keeps getting cut off by Moron, I mean Mauro...Any thoughts on this?

thoughts you ask?

There is only 1 Fight Professor, his name is Quadros, Stephen Quadros.

I think Mauro and Bas are both good at what they do, but the chemistry on this show was atrocious.

Mauro's voice is great, but he was saying quite a few things that I would have never said. The key to a good broadcast team is chemistry. Part of it is knowing when to chime in and when to not say a word.

There are certain things I would never say, no matter what the situation. For example, if I was sitting between Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, I would have never said that the best fighters in the world only fight in Pride (or something similar). When I first heard that, my mouth dropped. When he mentioned it again, I was shocked even further.

Cutting off your broadcast partner is a no-no. Wait your turn, give him a signal, body language, something or other which will in turn have him end his speech. It works for me.

And if Pride is hiring, where do I send my resume...:)

Joe, I'll give you all the info you need my friend in tonights e-mail
regarding "other" ventures =)

I have the contact info you was actually e-mailed to me
by Pride themselves.


Quadros has cast a tall shadow over PRIDE's broadcasting team that may never be lifted. He and Bas were an excellent team. They complimented each other's strengths and weaknesses. Everyone to follow Quadros are going to be compared to him. And those are VERY big shoes to fill.

btw - JT, are you suggesting that PRIDE is emailing people to possibly replace Mauro?

I'm not suggesting anything, only telling Joe what I was e-mailed.

People can take that however they choose, but I do have the e-
mail I mentioned saved in my inbox.


Joe, When I heard him say that I nearly lost my lid.

Completely disrepectful to Randy Couture and if it had of been a lesser man I bet Mauro would have been told to fuck his hat... ;)

I agree with Joe that you need chemistry, I don't think Mauro has that with Bas, I like Bas with Pride and I'd like to see some new blood in there, I was thinking of me, but I'd settle for Joe.

I'll settle for learning how to jab like you...heck, I'll settle on alot of things.

I'd love to take on the Pride gig, but I'm more of a colourman, not a play by play guy...that's JT's job. Mind you, if Quadros gave me the blessing, CYA...I'd do it.

When Trigg and I did colour for Quadros with JT doing the interviews (APEX SHOW), it was awesome. The chemistry was great. Trigg never told me to shut up once and we carried Quadros the whole time...:)

Are you taking care of Geoff?

JT is the most talented broadcaster in the business bar none, as far as I'm concerned. He is just a natural at it, makes it seem effortless. Haha no offense Joe I just haven't had the privilege of hearing too much of your stuff:) The couple of shows I heard with you two as a team were pure gold though.

Pride would be very wise to check out some old UCC tapes and hear these boys in action. I only got to work with JT once, but I consider myself lucky for it because I learned a hell of a lot. Hopefully we'll get a chance to work together again dude.

Thanks Jon, you were a pleasure to work with also. I knew you'd be great, hence why I picked you to begin with. You were a natural and should consider doing it more often.

I say myself, Joey Mammaluke and The Heartbreak Kid Jon Kellett should go to Japan verrryyyyyyyyy soon.


I'm buying the first round of Sake buddy.

I thought Couture did a great job on the mic.

I have come to the conclusion that Randy is great at everything.

Bring back Eddie Bravo

is this the same cat who did the Mike Miles TSN cards?

It is indeed.

I don't mind him on the TSN cards.

It is a pride event so it is Mauros job to say that Pride is where are the greatest fighters are, best events etc no matter who is sitting beside him. He is probably encouraged to say such stuff. I am not sure why people took it at a shot against Randy. Its just business. Both promotions say that kinda shit all the time.

That being said I like Quadros better :)

I agree that Randy did do an awesome job on the mic. What a great guy! I will even ignore his little mistake when he metioned a slang term for vagina being opened and a fighters head. Hahahaha