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On 06-Aug-03 at 11:20 AM you said:

"I've seen well-written examinations of Occam's Razor that seem to do a good job of demolishing it's underpinnings [...]"

I always meant to ask you about this. Can you elaborate?

-Tom Bombadil

Yes, I am also interested. I only learned of the concept a few months ago, although it seems like common sense now.

No time to elaborate now, will try later.

I don't mean that O/R is rendered completely useless or invalid by the argument I was referring to - only that some of the assumptions associated with O/C are tenuous, and that it is often mistakenly used as helping define that which is "true" from that which is "false." In fact it is merely a tool of convenience for helping stem the tide of unnecessary entities in any theory.

I'll try to elaborate at some point later though.


TTT for a forthcoming elaboration.