ATTN: Proground need help!

At the end of May, I took a new job with the government in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had decided it would be a good place to live, good job, and provide better MMA training opportunities. So, I spent about $6,000 to relocate my family and myself.

The company I contracted services from was Interstate Moving & Storage, AKA Goldstar Moving (currently operating without a license), located in Norcross, Georgia (Gwinnett County). They showed up a week late to deliver my property, with a conservatively estimated $15,000 in missing belonging and $5,000 in damage. They prevented me from filing a claim and I would later learn that their insurance was bogus. Most of these things (missing) were valuable and / or family heirlooms, not to mention all the childhood belongings of my son and daughter which have great sentimental value.

Over the course of the last 6 months, they (Interstate / Goldstar) have maintained that they are in possession of my missing property. I have aggressively tried to have these items delivered, without any success. Now, as of today, they have told me since they changed their company name and warehouse location, they no longer have my property. They wouldn't even tell me what had happened to it. When my wife began to ask questions about the disposition, they just hung up the phone on her!

I could use whatever help I might muster off the UG. I cannot afford ANY legal advice, as the last 2 moves have cost me over $10,000, so I am not in good financial position. I cannot express my extreme gratitude for whatever assistance I can get. If you are an attorney or know one, work in law enforcement, or just want to keep me TTT, I appreciate it.

I have contacted EVERY authority in the state of Georgia and at federal level. Nobody is willing to help me at all. Not the DA, FBI, State Police, Attorney General, Congressman, Governor, DOT, not even the President and Vice President!!!!!


Byron J. Whitesides
2601 Airline Drive APT 512
Bossier City, LA 71111
Home # 318-742-2433
Work # 318-456-8115
Home E-mail:
Work E-mail:

Here is the company's information:

Goldstar Moving, AKA Interstate Moving & Storage
6126 Rockbridge School Road NW
Norcross Georgia 30093
Tel # 770-903-1091
Owner: Ester Yifrah (also spelled Ifrahc)
Vice President: Ran Ohana
Chief Dispatcher: Manny
Dispatcher: Earnest
Admin: Edna Yifrah (also spelled Ifrahc)


3951 Pleasantdale Road STE 222
Atlanta, Georgia 30340-3951

3516 B Pleasant Brook Vill Lane
Doraville, Georgia 30340

6722 Lismore
Norcross, Georgia 30093

5245 Antler Ct.
Suwanee, Georgia 30093

1710 Wilwat Drive STE A & E
Norcross, Georgia 30093

ttt, wish I could help..... this isn't my area of expertise, especially if the autorities aren't moving to help...

Thanks. I appreciate you at least keeping my thread up.


go to the OG, and ask on the legalground...

Already got a thread there, but want to make sure I get a good spread.



I am in South Africa and unfortunately can't help. But here is ttt anyway.


I know this doesn't help, but to get the thread to the top, I'll quote Booger from Revenge of the Nerds"I say we blow their fucking houses up!"

LOL @ Booger

I agree with you, Hook.

I want to do some major Van Damage!

Click on link for others cheated by this company

Guess who made the black list??? Click here

That is a great idea!


i'm only 1st year law school, so I'm not too helpful. :(

I can give you a TTT though.


Thanks guys!

there must be vengence. swift and blinding violence. you must hury though b-cuz the state must be in on their racquet


ttt for brutal justice