attn promoter ; monte cox

hey monte, dan anderson was needing you to contact him about the show next weekend. he needs some information about weigh-ins, hotel room, etc. thanks!


I got it from him last night. Thanks anyways Warfrog.

Danny,I should be wrapping up footage today


WTF are you ttting this for?


Thanks Miller. I'm going to need all the help I can get.

any response yet on who is showing up to train tmrw danny? i would show up, but all i can do is hold pads and be a smartass. plus today is my birthday, i plan on having some fun and having a late night maybe. let me know if anybody is showing up or not.

Ronnie- Happy B-day, you old SOB!

Only negative responses so far from Brett and John.
If no one shows I'm going to crash the BJJ club. Hell that's probably better for me anyways considering.

I'd be glad to come and practice with you if someone could swing by and pick me up