Attn Promoters.D.Swift

Looking for any promoter that will put me in the ring with Dan Swift. He is once again talking shit to people and yes, he says he will fight me. Any one that can make the fight happen call John Renken, Team Havok, or email at

By the way Dan this Mike Loyd, by the way you have been locked by someone.

ttt He's a fag anyway!

I hope you rip his head off. he is running his mouth, is says no one can leglock him with him wearing shoes, but he has already been leg locked once. all around the guy is a a-hole and can wait for the day i get to beat him down.


No comment from swifty, i know he talks shit to everyone else so where are you, you little weasle,

anyone got predictions on how fast this fight we be over.

I dont think he can make it past the two minute mark.

uh oh...........

*runs to get penny bank*

LOL... Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks he is stupid and wants to beat him up over it. I was starting to think I was the crazy one!

i want to hear from the weasle himself, looks like he can't say much, why is that.

Any propmoter that wants to see him beat down give John Rnken a call and set it up.

Mike Loyd

LOL @ the "Kick Dan Swift's Ass" line that is forming in the midwest!

He is still yet to say something, thats funny because he ran his mouth all weekend at the fights in Ky. So i wonder if the fact that all our guys won in under one rd. I think he got scared.

hey mike this is chad washburn we fought on the same card at hook n shoot,im from ed clays gym.just thought you should know that you would more then likly khtfo pretty have way better standup and your ground game is better also.i think he just bite off more then he can chew with this one.

hit me up when you get a chance i am fighting on feb 20 kotc ppv.and would like to take you and john up on training with you and your guys a couple out times.

chad washburn

Chad you can come train with use anytime you want, we open everyday at 5:30

And yes Swify, will not look like goofy anymore, more like sleepy smurf once i hit him one time.

lol @ sleepy smurf

Alright, you guys asked for it...

Mike Lloyd,
You better recognize. It's taken you 4 years to win 3 fights. I just did that in a week. I was not running my mouth at the Kentucky show but if i was what are you gonna do about it?

Matt Horning,
I'm gonna jack you up April 3rd. Enough said.\

I said i would bet you if you were at the show. So, blow me.

Chad Washburn,
Your not worthy of a response.

Basically all i have to say is get in line boys cause i've never backed down from anyone. Bring it on. If you got it comin' on then come on'!!!LOL,LOL,LOL

So you can not be leg locked with shoes, right, you have already been leg locked. The second you walked in the door you were talking shit to anyone who would listen. And i was told this weekend that you would fight me. I really like that idea. Your stand up is non-existent. Your take down looks like superman on crack. Well lets see you cant wrestle your way past a second grader, and your guard looks like a third day white belt.

and it still took you 4 years to win 3 fights,lol.

yes, i have only had 6 fights, but will still beat you.

LOL at a bunch of guys sitting on the internet trying to call out Swift while he was BUSY winning 3 MMA fight in a week!

your glad you beat two guys on their first fight and you have had 22 fights, and the special rules and scales thing from this weekend.

Not to mention that Chris had you armbared in i beleive the thrid rd and you were saved by the bell.