Attn://promoters, fighters, mma...

To: Promoters, Fighters, or MMA school owners.

I'm interested in being an Administrative or Personal Assitant for a promoter, fighter, or for an mma school. So if your interested, please e-mail me at

I'm currently an Administrative/Personal Assistant for someone.

Salary: Negotiable

I'm located in North Orange County in California.

"Salary: Negotiable"

how much money do you think they make?

I don't think 95% of the UFC fighters can afford to have an assistant.

Unless, by negotiable, u mean free.

Even though you said 95% of the fighters can't afford assistants. Some of the fighters already have assistants. So I'm asking for fighters, promotors, Or MMA schools that are looking for an assistant. I know few MMA schools that have hired assistant and that assistant get's payed for it.


Internist might be a more likely route


"How are your typing skills?"

I can type up to 60 words per minute. Thanks for the notice. I didn't notice the mistake until now. I fixed it.

Wrong sport buddy.

"Internist might be a more likely route"

Thanks, I will look into that as well.

"Wrong sport buddy."

One of my friends is an Administrative Assitant for one of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academies. He get's payed for it. So I'm looking into doing a similiar thing that my friend is doing.