Attn: Prowler and Smiffy!

This may have been my last cook, on it. Want to buy it? :wink:

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Use the balls in your mouth for extra courage if those peas between your legs can’t produce enough. You NC redneck shitheel.

If y’all MFs are impressed by that puny little cook, then tune in later I’m going to demonstrate the monster bologna sandwich!


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I wish! I’d name it the Prowlzilla!

Yest, I have just redone the tile and paint in my house and have no moneys left

@Revenants that tiny little pecker of yours would barely qualify as a cocktail weenie! Definitely not a large roll of bologna!

yay everyone (that matters) is back ! :slight_smile:

all the other faggots can stay gone, hasta nunca putitos :slight_smile:

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