Attn: Puzzled


For the record I apologize for including you in the accussation I made against Rooster.

You have stated that you don't espouse all of them (the accussation).

BUT it should be noted Rooster has clearly admitted what I described is his agenda. Consider his own words.

"...and I will state that it is MY agenda (not Puzzled, etc.) but only me, speaking for myself that states plainly, straight forward, that YES, I do believe that every believer should experience the awesome cleansing power of being buried with Jesus"

He also stated this concerning Matt 28:19:

"Further, I am quite comfortable stating that repeating the words of Matthew 28;19 at your convienence to neither be biblical nor life changing"

It seem to both have different views. Nonetheless my post was wrong only in that it included you. But aside from that what I stated was true.

m.g. I accept your apology and harbor no ill toward you bro. It is true that my agenda here is not to convert everyone. In fact, my agenda is perhaps more selfish, in that I come here to occasionally here something that is spiritually uplifting and to glean other fruits from the fellow Holygrounders. On occasion, I'll jump in and add my own thread if I feel led to share but most of the time, I'll simply jump in on a thread here and there and share my opinion/kudos/thanks/or disagreement.

That is not to say that I don't hold to fundamental concepts, such as my views on baptism/godhead/etc, that are outside of what is commonly referred to as orthodox. And I'd be happy to discuss said beliefs with another who feels that their different/contradicting beliefs are more valid/accurate/etc. But, an internet forum is not the best environment for such endeavors as many times the perceived crowd of eyes (views) makes us less likely to give ground and more likely to aim for the kill shot rather than foster a productive exchange of ideas and contemplation.

Having said that... I must also point out to you that you are also mistaken on at least 2 other points. The UPC is not the only denom to hold these views and secondly, these views (especially with regard to baptism) can be traced much further back than 1940 something. Which is when the UPC became a denom.

If you mean to establish that my views are in the minority in relation to "orthodox" views, then you'll get no argument from me. Yet, I'm far from alone and my views, tho controversial are rooted in scripture, as are yours, and can be traced throughout church history.

Thanks for the apology, and perhaps I was a bit hasty in my assessment of you. I'll begin my reassessment immediately.