Attn: Queensland

My name is Donald and I posted a while back about coming to Australia from America this Summer (Winter for you) and I was going to be working in Brisbane. Well come to find out, we got our assignment and Im going to be near/in a place called Hervey Bay. Does anyone know if there is any MMA in Hervey Bay? Thanks



XFC former #1 LHW contender Tony GREEN lives in Hervey bay.

Drop me an email bro, I'll hook ya up


Thanks, that should be good. If there is anyone else then hook it up

oh really? who lives there, Skip Hall, Dan Severn, and Ken Shamrock?
Seriously, I love to train and thats all I want to do.

You can borrow my fishing gear. Great fishing up there. Do yourself a favour and take a day trip to outside the shelf and armbar a few XXXX's while you wrestle with a pelagic or 2.

Hey mate. I lived in Hervey Bay. Long story short, it is a pretty small place and I dare say you will not find a school that does MMA there. The only place I can think of that will is a BJJ school in Gympie which is and hour and a half away. Of coarse I could be wrong!


My brother and I have a small group of students we train in MMA in Hervey Bay. My brother has fought pro MMA both here and in Japan and I have also fought in Australia at a pro level. email me at for further details.


Tony Green

There you bad!