Attn: Racer X!

My Gibson Les Paul got cracked near the headstock (on the backside of the headstock) forming a v-shaped crack. I don't know how it happened (I think I might've dropped the gutar face down from its stand) and I have been told that this problem can be fixed by experienced luthiers.

Is this true? Is this a common problem with Gibson Les Pauls? Will a strong glue truly fix the problem?

I get chills everytime I see my baby paralyzed like this, so let me know what can be done.



I know this is R's specialty, but to ease your mind in the meantime I just had a similar problem with finish cracks.

First of all, if you haven't yet,down tune it to slack. No tension.

I have fixed this problem many times, and often it can be fixed so well that you can't tell it's been broken.

Living in L.A. as you do, It's time to do some research.

Call as many music stores as you can. Talk to stores that carry vintage instruments and find out who is THE MAN in your area to fix this kind of problem. Lucky you, you are living in guitar-freakin'-central so there should be plenty of guys to choose from. If you call enough stores, you might begin to get some concensus as to who can best do the job for you.

OR you can ship it to me and I'll do it. Usually $70.00 to $150.00 depending on finish touch up needed.

PS What color guitar is it?

The guitar is currently in Indiana, and I'm heavily considering just shipping it to you because you definitely know what you're talking about. The guitar is a Cherry Sunburst color. Let me know if you want pics of the damage, to assess whether it can be fixed.

If I ship it, what's the *BEST* way of shipping it? I've heard nothing but HORROR stories when shipping guitars and getting broken, let alone shipping a broken guitar!

shoot me an email at

Thanks a bunch man.

You got mail, bro.

Did you get my mail?

speedking99, got your guitar today. As I expected, it is the typical Gibson headstock break, Shouldn't be any problem to make it structurally sound, the splintering next to the tuning machines makes the cosmetic repair tougher, but I think we're OK. I'l e-mail you with details.