ATTN: Racer X

Hey Racer I figured if anyone knew the answer to this question it would be you. Do you know of any company that makes custom pickguards for stratocasters? I am looking for a pickguard similar to the black SRV pickguard found on the SRV strat but instead would like my intials. I mean it is my guitar isn't it? Shouldn't my intials be there? If you know of anything please let me know. Thanks for being such a good resource on here.

Let me know the following either here or at

What do you want it to say?

What style font?

How big?

I may have someone who can do it, depending on what we want to do. It can be on your pickguard or I can get any combo of shape, material, and control/pickup configuration. Just gimme the details, I'll get you a price. Probably less than $1,000,000.

OK, probably a LOT less.

I'll call him Monday. Got your pic.

Got the message machine, still waiting to hear from him.

RX, GG asks a good question. One in which caused me to think that I would like to have a pick guard on my Heritage 150 that is personalized. Can you do that too, or point me in the direction of someone who can?

I have a question as well, dealing with myself of course.

Whats the easiest way to set up my guitar? The tuning is getting a little wonky.

That's a pretty complicated question,Das Beav. I'll make a thread soon on diagnosing and treating tuning problems starting with proper adjustment. Please read Part One pg.13 in your textbook and...what? No textbook? ;)This book can be had for $25.00US or less and will answer many questions,even those you didn't think of.Seriously, buy it,get through the first two chapters(well written, easy to follow but thorough) and you will have a good idea how to deal with a LOT of action/tuning issues.It costs half of what I charge for a complete set-up. A good investment even if you don't plan on doing the work yourself. Understanding what needs to be done helps us ask the right questions of a tech,yes?

Lookout payday!

Thanks man.