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hey bro -

a question if you dont mind.

somethings buged me about my 355 since i got it -

when i play it accoustically, i can hear rattles. turns out the tune-o-matic bridge is the culprit. the individual pieces that you adjust in the bridge aren't tight fits. anyway, the shop i brought it a while ago suggested using bee's wax to fill in the space to keep it from rattleing.


thanx in advance

Well, that will work, but it's a bit like putting heavier oil in an engine to quiet noise. It treats the symptom but not the disease.How old is the guitar? Is there a wire loop holding down one end of all six of the intonation screws(ABR style bridge)or are the screw heads surrounded by bridge casting(newer Nashville style bridge).On the ABR, replacing the saddles will sometimes cure the problem. Much tougher to do on the Nashville.The best solution might also improve the sound and sustain of the guitar. TonePro's bridges and tailpieces have set screws to lock them in place along with good tolerences on the saddle machining. About $60-$70 for the bridge I think.

the guitar is a 1960

looks like the gold one

That's the ABR. A new one will run you about $50. I don't know if there is a TonePro's bridge that is an exact replacement.

Make sure if you get a replacement that you get a genuine Gibson or Schaller brand bridge. Best chance of getting a tight one that way.

Of course if you have a chronic problem with this even after replacing saddles or bridge, I would use thick cyanoacrylate glue like Insta-cure or Hot Stuff. Any place that sells radio control airplane stuff will have it. On a NEW bridge not your original,after setting action and intonation, the tiniest dot of glue on the end of a toothpick touched right where the saddle meets the top of the bridge at ONE end of the saddle will stop any small vibrations. However, if you stay away from the threads completly and ues very little glue, it will be easy to move the saddle later if you need to adjust it.

Understand that this is a last resort like the wax, it just does a better job. Hopefully a new bridge will fix the problem.