Attn: Randy Erickson

Randy, I have sent numerous emails with no response. Please repsond, or let me know if I should call...




ttt, but you're mixing up Randy Couture and Tom Erikson, 2 very good wrestlers.

Glad I could I help.

oops, thanks CZ... now I have to figure out which one has my gloves

ttt becuase TUF is dominating the board




Well, right now, there's nobody using shooto in illinois. who? Ironheart isn't. (Reality submission fighting) Greenman will never use them again. who's going to use them. what's been going around is they were taking too much money, and the promoters were not getting paid from Japan, for certain things agreed upon. i'm just stating what's been told to me, by a very very reliable source.

i'm not saying they won't be in illinois in the future, but in my opinion a promoter would have to be an idiot to give up money among other things to step in bed with shooto in the USA. not to mention conform to their rules, which in my opinion is not true MMA as we know it. too many weird rules, with basically boxing gloves on your hands. In Japan it's ran much more professionally, and the shows are the real deal. Am i right or wrong?? Start flaming away, because i know i'm not being politically correct, but this is my belief. Not only that, but USA Shooto, seems like they want to control their fighters, and discourage them from fighting in other organizations, and they think their USA shooto guys are the top fighters. come on.

The answer is "No - Shooto is not done in IL". But there are alot of other fish to fry, so there is nothing really happenning either...

IHC is done as a promotion according to my last conversation with the promoters. I have not heard from RSF is sometime so I have no comment on that...

Moreover, alot of people in IL have formed into a clique (of which myself and Shooto are decidedly regarded as outsiders). From that, there is a HUGE misconception about what Shooto is and how it works... some believe the misinformation that they hear and perpetuate it, or outright create the misinformation themselves... Not sure why, but I don't really care anymore...

SD Jones, first off, i'm not really a promoter. I've done 4 shows now, with the last one being done without a partner. (courage fighting championships #1 in july. There was an article in grappling mag. i think 2 months later. CFC #2 will be with myself and Monte Cox from here on out. We will draw over 2000 Fans, just as i did last time. Monte and i are partners because he's the best at what he does. (Promote and Manage fighters!) CFC #2 will be bigger and better each show. i'm the main event on this upcoming show. I do not manage fighters. i do not have time, and i would be no good at it. i'm a terrible negotiator.
As far as Japan, if i want to fight there, Monte will get me there. We are working on it now. (not shooto) some promoters may find teaming up with shooto beneficial. I just do not see the point. (it's solely a money maker for shooto, in my opinion. If your a good fighter, your a good fighter. You will go places. Too much politics in the USA shooto over here i personally believe. I just am not going to kiss anyones ass. Again, i'm not being politically correct. Other people believe the same thing, they just won't come out and say it. jason reinhardt


It's not a bash on USA shooto. It could be good, if they would give a promoter 5 or $10,OOO UP FRONT money to do a show. If not, what's the incentive. Rich, we are not into clicks here in illinois, everyone just does their own thing and promotes good shows. there's a lot of great shows in illinois. Shooto (ironheart) put on great shows!! (although, i personally hate the rules)

Rich, I have also sent Randy several emails and heard nothing. he lives only like 15 minles from me. Maybe I will stop in. Im kinda wondering about the bastard myself ;-)