Since you’re my favorite OGer, and the toughest and most masculine OGer ever, I want you to know I have a date with a above average size senorita this evening!

I owe all my success to listening to @theraskal many good advices!


Raskal is criminally under rated.


Not by me he isnt! Me and Raskal are buddies. We go way back to the old country.


Rules! Where are the pics of the above sized senorita?

I’ll think about it.

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Also, shes mexican as fuck. I got a extremely racist mexican buddy. Shes his cousin. I like to teach her english, but i teach her the wrong definitions of words. My buddy gets so pissed at me :joy:


Hey Ranjit, how Jimmy? Is his fax machine working?

Hey new guy! Welcome to teh OG!

Damn, I’m tryna bang a slightly plump Mexicana this week as well AND I’ve had a bike stolen. It’s like we’re kindred spirits, except I’ve still got all my extremities.

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Well that would explain why I love you (in the straightest way ever recorded in history) so much sennin!

Good luck pal! Get it!

My deal is already sealed. We’ve boned like 50x already lol.


new girl fist bump GIF

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Probably means you’re not springing for sushi and drinks first huh?

Capital News Ol’ Boy, I wish you a splendid sporting evening of it!

I humbly agree 200%

hear! hear! A toast to the old country!

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If you guys are vying for the same lass, I believe you’re required to record the finger cuffing of said woman and post the video here.

God speed to both of you!

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good to see some Traditional Gentlemen of Regular Habit posting! Of course I support GAY rights to like Skinny Man Shaped women, EQUAL RIGHTS, FREE COUNTRY, and all that I tell you but I expect the same tolerance and respect for my orthodox constitution and desire to surround myself with like fellows so that I don’t catch the unconventional cooties rubbing off on me and find myself feeling attracted to skinny man shapes!

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Can I get Steve’s fax machine so I can call Heystro and see if the BBQ at Ranjits is still on for this weekend?

The Raskal isnt a bad guy at all. Hes just misunderstood because he is a manly man who takes a hard line stance against heavy weight lifting husky fat feminine types who like their women to look like little boys… But I say that we all have our beliefs! And Raskal is still a great guy!

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I banged a Brazilian girl after knowing her at the club for 20 seconds of eye contact across the room.

She didn’t speak English but she spoke cockonknees

That woman?

Albert Einstein