attn: Rastus

Hello :) I think I have missed you on here tonight. I was wondering if you
could email me, i have lost all my contact info.

if you don't mind, that is...i would really like to talk with you.


email sent

did you ever get my e mail?

Who's "you", Magoo?

the pretty you



You're still ambiguous.

Hope everything's okay, kittykat. Haven't heard from you in years.

Thanks Rastus, email has been sent!

Sherm...Still not sure if you meant me or Rastus (I hear he is rather pretty
too ;) ) but, I have never received any emails from you. I havn't been
around for about 2 years so perhaps there is another kitty??

huh...yeah...I must have you confused with somebody else...and yes rastus is very much a pretty pretty man..which is one reason I am not intimidated by him