Attn: Ray My boyz are going to the compete in the worlds in Arnis...Do you have any tips
that I can pass on to these guys...what should they expect?

Thanks Ray I hope all is well


Yep.........don't drink the water :-)

balut for protein/energy

In all seriousness.........I'm not a good source for advise with "tournaments".

What I teach is not geared up to give you any advantage in the tournament scene.

For a few reasons:

1) Our "blocks" and "parries" are so streamlined that the judges always mistake our hands as being "hit". Whereas in reality, we just wait for the last possible moment until we do our moves.

Even when we spar with one another, I usually have to ask my opponent whether I hit him or not.

2) Tournaments are geared for MULTIPLE strikes......the mostest at the fastest possible time; regardless of the strength of the strike.

I teach few, POWER strikes.

In fact........some of my guys have been disqualified for "hitting to hard"?!?!?!?!?!?

I think the best advice is........just play your game, take any decision and ruling with a grain of salt....and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! out for drinks with ice in it. ICE=WATER.

And the number one rule is DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!!

Dont drink the water dont eat the pussy