Attn: Ray...


I tried to send you couple of e-mails during past 3 days...and it seems me that your e-mail box does not work properly. Everytime it was undelivered to you:(
Do you still use e-mail address?

I wish you, your wife and Hanah..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!:(


Same here.

THANK YOU..............Good, Good Friends!!!!!!!!

I wish the same warm, loving, safe Christmas to you and your loved ones...


I still use the same email address, but you forgot to put the ".au" at the end. My full email address is:

I have a lot of problems sending you email as well......must me the Aussie / Slovakia cable!?!?!


yeah...I will try that! I think I resolved my e-mail box it should be fine!

Take care,


Its those damn peskie Lacosta guys sabotaging your email.