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How are you doing brother?I would normally send this via private e-mail, but it cracked me up so much I thought I would share it with everyone.I hope you had a great new year. I got this e-mail sent to me by a friend of mine but he said he was thinking of Yvonne when he saw it. As soon as I saw it I thought of Ai. I just remember the discussion about cars that our wifes had - lolThis vid is a frightening look at us with our better halfs in about 20 years. the rest of the Judo forum - wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!


that was funny.

Happy new year to you too Jayman!

that is a great clip. i laughed hard enough that my coffee came through my nose. im going to be damn sure to never have something like that in my car. its dangerous. =)

things here are alright. the arm feels pretty good all considered. i mean, i can barely move it by the standards of normal function, but its made huge improvements since surgery. still nowhere near half range of motion. i need percoset to sleep at night though. doc wants me to keep it in a sling, outside of my rehab, for 4 more weeks. he got rahter pissed at me when i showed up yesterday without the sling saying "it feels pretty good doc". the next stange of rehab begins monday. still, doc says its healing nice and that i should be back on the mat in late feb/early march. =)

how was your new years?


right on Joshua, glad to hear your rehab is moving along well.

I had a nice new years, thanks. A few friends, some good wine, music and blackjack - it was a lot of fun. especially this morning - no hangover -lol

and yours?

Tataruga -thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

LMAO!!! that is funny as hell!

funny thanks for the post


I just pulled up your web page and that new intro is awesome! Whomever is handling the design for you is doing yeoman's work!

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Jayman is the guy who did the entire site. he did the entire design, coding, style, everything. if ever any of you need a website done, ask him.. his business is 100% legit. you can see the other stuff he has done at


jay-- my new years was spent about the same way as yours. great minds.. =)

good site and good job...

Hat's off, Jayman.

If bullshitting ever becomes an olympic event, I'll need your services to make my run for the gold. Until then I'm going to be in awe of both Josh's judo and his web page.

Steve Lafrate

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.


Thanks for posting that.

Very Funny!!!!!LOL!!

The little old lady had spirit!