Attn. Rev.

I am curious about what stops you from becoming a Catholic again. I don't know if you can sum it up very easily but I get the sense you feel both drawn to and repulsed by the Catholic Church.

I would say the same about all denominations. There is beheld in the foundation of all denominations a piece of the puzzle that is uniquely theirs. This is why most of them started. In some a love for the truth, in others a love for the bible, a love for the mystical sacraments, a love for social justice, a love for evangelism, a love for santification and so on.

As to my love for the Catholic church, I love the mystical aspects of the Catholic church. I love the respect they give the rituals. I love that they seem to go deeper in many ways into the mystic traditions.

I do not agree with heirarchy in any way, which prevents me from ever being a part of the Catholic Church in a formal sense. But as I was never excommunicated I will still go to mass sometimes, and take communion. Some of my favorite authors are Catholic. I also have a problem with the extreme wealth of many of the older denoms. People are starving to death yet we have so much resource. Not that the Catholic church doesn't give, but they as well as most people could and should give more. I will say however that the Catholic church has done more for the poor than any other church in history.

I probably seem more pro Catholic than I really am because I am sick of them being picked on by protestants.

the rev

I wonder why it took 1500 years before protestantism came to be, it seems like it was inevitable.

well, it didn't really. It took 1,500 years for them to name the dissenters protestants, of for the dissenter to name themselves that. The RC church has been from the beginning, it has had many dissenters. But for times they made it very hard to continue to live and be a dissenter.

the rev

Well, they should have made it difficult for dissenters.  Afterall, Christ promised the Holy Ghost would guide the church, and from Scripture, we know that God specifically did not want any schism in the church (1 Corinthians 1 :6-10).

Why do you have to start arguements with me when I am standing up for the Catholics all the time?

I have very scriptural reasons for disliking much of the Catholic Church, your interpretations of these are ofcourse different. You think the pope and the church are better guides to understanding the scriptures. I think the Holy Spirit in me is a better guide. I will stand before God and answer for my actions. I will acknowledge those that have walked before me, but ultimately I answer to Him alone. If you can't accept that, then burn me at stake, I could give a shit.

the rev

St. Kolbe,
I agree that it was not Christ's will for his Church to be divided. I also agree that the Catholic Church should have made it hard for dissenters to leave, but not in the way you are thinking. I think by the church being more Cristo-centric the honest people of the Catholic faith would not feel compelled to dissent or leave. Even today after all of the abuses of history the CC still gets it wrong in America with sexual assault. What does a good Catholic do when faced with the fact that instead of prosecuting known molesters they get shifted around by church authorities?

 There are scriptural limits to authority.  That is why every relationship has two sides to the coin.  Wife's submit yourself BUT husbands love your wife as Christ loves the church and children obey your parents BUT fathers provoke not your children unto wrath.  Its not good that Christians are divided but you have to acknowledge that when people left communion with the church even if it meant death something has gone terribly wrong.  

   I believe you truly don't want Christians to be separated but you have to understand that from a non-Catholic perspective anger at dissent is the worst position you can take.  Christ is magnetic and draws people in.  When the CC is Christ-centered it will draw people in and no force will be necessary.

    We keep each other honest here and the Rev. has had to remind me of my duties a couple times.  I think on this one you owe him an apology.

John, I had misread the last line of your post responding to Furey.  That's not the kind of "difficult" I was referring to.

I apologize that I upset you so much with my post.