Attn: Ricco Rodriquez

Nice suckerpunch Ricco. This weekend after my fight I got on the mike to ask you why you hadn't signed the contract yet for me and you in October. After all the shit you said about fighting me everytime you saw me if I didn't sign the contract, and about how you were going to break my arm and end my career, I was wondering why you hadn't signed.

When you came into the ring(and you had trouble doing that) I went to hand you the mike and you sucker punched me. That was pretty low class, but the punch felt like it was thrown by a little girl. Now your going to have wait till I fight for the KOTC title before I fight you. I guess that gives you enough time to train your boy Tito.

I love you and god bless you.

P.S. call me if you need any crutches. 1-800-SCARY-JERRY

hahaha BUSTED!


I say, what a low class maneuver on Rodriquez' behalf...

Perhaps Jerry should slap a restraining order on him old chap?


The Baron.

The version Ricco told me about was slightly different. Either way, I hope the 2 of you iron it out and dont fight. I thought we all had a pact back in the punishment days that we would not fight each other...

i say Ricco by ground and pound..

Spelled with a 'Q' just like Boogie Nights. lol.

"I thought we all had a pact back in the punishment days that we would not fight each other..."

OMFG boohoo..

That's some funny ass shit. A pact...LOL.

why would any one expect any better from ricco rodriges.

this would be a good fight for Ricco.
he needs fights and while jerry may not be at the top of the food chain, he is very tough and very strong.
what the fuck is ricco doing anyways?

LOL at that whole thing. My mouth was wide open, i thought it was the WWE!! soooo funny

what a bitch move.

What event did this happen at??

So Jerrys with Herrera and them right? Jerry, you're not doing anything with Oyama, or Tito again?

IMHO Jerry would get beat down by Ricco just like Mike Kyle did at WEC.

I'll speak with Ricco tonihgt and see if I can have him shed some light onto the matter.

anyone got video or a picture on this ..i wanna see it.


wtf happened?