Attn Rich Ace Franklin

 I have noticed that you still have not sold your UFC hummer and it got me to thinking. What if the UG pitched in for a rich franklin hummer cre fund?

I am sure it would not be 45k but I do not think you will sell it in this economy and this would be an awesome way to repay your super fan in CRE.

I would even be willing to pitch in for some octagon spinners for that bad boy if that makes a difference.

What say you UG? CRE rolling in richs hummer pumping lil boosie would blow my mind

 CRE would not be afraid to commute in this bad boy:

 Cre might give Rich a hummer.

 “Hey guys, it’s Rich. I’m putting my Hummer up for sale. I have had this thing since season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter when it was given to me as a gift by Dana White for coaching on the show. It is a cool car and fun to drive, but it draws too much attention my way- and that isn’t my style. Most of the 13,000 miles have been put on there by friends and family who have borrowed it. Basically, the car still looks brand new. If you happen to be the one to buy my car- I would love to meet you when you come my way to pick it up.”


 lol id pay for cre to be able to roll in the ace hummer

with lil boosie and lil wayne and lil rob and lil whoever the hell else is cool

whothe fuck would give cre a cent, hes a fucking moron

DRen - whothe fuck would give cre a cent, hes a fucking moron

Brah, do you even know him? Cre is good peoples and has a backbone that most of us could never even fathom!

wena tena on the poopyface


cre + hummer + rich = ?

 CRE where are you?

I bet CRE drives a Hyundai.