Attn: Rich Salamone

Is an outside step penetration done from a square stance?

I'm not Rich or even close to it, but you can execute the outside step from an offset stance. If you're leading with your left foot bring your right foot behind but close to 'load it up', drop your level, drive off the right foot, and penetrate. It can be done from a square similiarly, but I use a offset stagger most of the time. You can set this up by circling your opponent, as your right foot comes in from circling plant it drop level and bang.

Hi Jasonbaldy,

Sorry for the delay in getting to you; I was crawling around in bat guano in a cave with my son who is in boy scouts.  Can you describe the situation a bit more so I can get a better sense of what you are trying to do?


thanks Rich. If I am in a right lead leg, it seems like it would be impossible to do an outside step (as I know it) because all you would be doing is putting yourself in a square stace. For the outside step I am talking about, from a square stance, you would drop the right knee to the mat with no penetration step and step the left leg/foot to the opponent's rights side.

Hi Jasonbaldy,

I think I understand what you are saying but I generally prefer to do the penetration or forward movement into my opponent before my knee makes contact with the mat; I think that droping to your knee first then stepping (vs. pushing off your rear foot first to cut the distance quickly between you and your opponent) results in a slower attack and more limited ability to cut the distance, if I understand correctly what you are trying to do.  Shoot me an e-mail to with your e-mail address and I will send you a clip over the weekend on footwork when you attack (for both shorter and longer range attacking).


I'm sure Rich will settle it for you, but you have stoked my Interest. Hope you Guys don't mind if I tag along.

Jason, what are you attempting to do? Head outside Single/Hi-C?

FWIW, you can shoot singles and doubles on the outside or inside with either a square or staggered Stance. Doesn't matter.

From a square or staggered Stance you either pound Step or just penetrate.

Hi Rich and everyone,

I'm still a newbie at wrestling so I find it hard to imagine the moves described. I just started last year to supplement my sanshou & muay thai training. Is it possible to upload any clips on youtube please?