attn ridge

I know you've gone over this, and I'm emberassed not to remember fully.......what is your exact relationship with eastern orthodoxy? I seem to remember a passionate interest....but not necessarily a total adherance at this point. Is this accurate, or are you on the boat?

I have an idea for something in a few months...........just putting out feelers.

Yes at this point I am only researching the religion even though there are certain parts of it that I firmly agree with.  I have not yet made physical contact with an Orthodox priest but I think I will be doing so soon.  There are a few more things I wanted to study before taking the next step.  At this point I am a free agent or out in the hall of CS Lewis's metaphor for the house of Christianity.  I have come out of one room and I am contemplating another.  I don't think it is acceptable for a Christian to stay in the hall but I don't think a person can rush into a room before they are ready.

I sure agree with that.

I've got to run right now. I'll get back on in a few hours.