I have questions reguarding the academy in Torrance. Please E-mail me at

I would like to know prices, class size, who does the teaching, how many black/browns per class etc.

Thanks so much.

TTT. where IS everyone??


I've been to their site but it hasn't been updated in like 6 months or so.

Also it doesn't have an e-mail address to contact anyone.

I am looking for info from the students themselves!

They can list it here or e-mail me at

I need everything from class size to price to black /brown belt participation to apt rental costs in the Torrance area.

I need help here guys!!

Hook me up here! I need to hear from you!!!

I need some info also. I'm gonna be spending xmas with family out there and I emailed what I thought was the Torrance school and so far I've rec'd no response.

So I'm not the only one!

Come on guys where R U?!!

Help us out!!!

Try calling the academy (310) 371-5441. It's best to call btwn 10am-12pm or 6pm-8pm.

Try calling as Kathy suggested. also try sherdog forums or jiu jitsu gear forum a lot of Torrance guy hange out there. As for renting a place in Torrance it's any where from 850 to 2000 a month. Most appartments are in the 1200 to 1400 range close to the Machado School.

I'll try those other forums.

1200-1400 a month! OUch!