Do I have to post a video of me doing squats up against the wall to get a response to my emails?

IT'S NOT HAPPENING! Heck, my lower back would probably arc so bad I could pick up the medicine ball between my ass cheeks. If I lived in Taku's neighborhood, that might bring in some clients....

considering moving to SF


Yes I got your emails!!!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Seriously, what happens is - I put aside emails that I know need actual answers with thought put into them and skip ahead to post or answer things that require no thought, and consequently it takes me forever to get to the important emails and in the meantime I just propagate my lack of brain power. ;)

I know your boyfriend is behind this evil plot of waiting! He hates me because of those med ball exercises we had to do!!!eleventyeleven!!11

LOL - dude, okay, here's the REAL truth -- I got roped into doing two pilots against my will. Happened on Friday and it makes me very unhappy -- ate up half my day today and will eat up half my day tomorrow. My week clears up from Wednesday on out - promise!

And it's not the boyfriend's fault!!! lol!

Your boyfriend lets you "do" pilots? Dn two of them in one day? 8-O :-)

He must be a bigger man than... no wait...


TV shows, not actual "pilots"!

As long as there's a "Butt Wink" on these "television shows" i'll tune in.