Attn. Robert

Hello Robert,

It is Mark from england I am coming over to train on the 21st of fed to train for a week. Did you get my email?



If you sent it to robert@tqfc he should get it.

Sometimes it takes him a couple days to get back to you.

Hello Big Bird,

Nice to hear from you again! Long time no speak. Are you still doing any MMA or just boxing?

I will be only in portland for a week I arrive 21st Feb at about 8 ish.

I am not sure what Robert has planned so when I know what I am doing I will let you know if I can get to your boxing gym.

I am staying in a hotel near TQFC's Gym, don't know how far that is to your gym.

Drop me a mail

Thanks for the help


youre in for a good and hard time spenna!

I am looking forward to the kicking :)