Attn: Rodney K.

Rodney King (or anyone that has his Street boxing tapes):

I have a question on the "crashing the line" drills you explain on your Street boxing tapes. Isn't reaching for your opponent's neck opening you up for body shots, or do you just have to use good timing to prevent them?



Hi Jonpall,

Thanks for the Q. Look you are always open to being counterattacked no matter what you do:) With that said there is always timing in everything you do. Timing for me equals awareness, the ability to be aware to do the right thing at the right time.

Through sparring you will learn when is the right time to crash or not. Also there are many other variations on crashing that where not covered on the tapes. I coach variations depending on the type of opponent one may be sparring, so my advice to you would be to experiement.

Remember though once you have his head, you have dominent position, he may be able to hit, but because you control his head he will find it hard to hit with power. Added to this is that I am going to knee him ten times harder everytime he attempt to hit me:)

Personally you should always escape when someone has your head then try and hit, way to dangerous and you more than likely wont do much damage.


Rodney "Chico" King

Great, thanks Rodney! That really helped. The tapes are great, by the way. I'm going to practise some of those crashing the line drills during next practise. It's going to be fun.