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I am curious...What is the MMA/NHB scene like in Africa?

Not just in South Africa, but all over. Are there
a lot of promoters/promotions?

Atten: Rodney King

You ROCK!!!

Hi Guys,

Thanks Portugues, I am blushing:)

As far as the NHB scence, their are still a few local small competitions, which no one ever invites us to. That's what happens when you keep winning:)

I think we ran the largest competitions in the whole of Africa. Forrest and Rory had fought in one of them.

To be honest their really was no support and the MMA market, so to speak is very small. I think their are probably three legit groups in South Africa that know what they are doing.

As I think most promoters know, we ended up loosing alot of money and many people stopped coming to our gym, even though we where winning all the time. I think they loved what they saw, but because they where uneducated about the process of MMA, they thought that if they came to the gym they where going to be expected to do what they saw in the ring on the first night.

We still hold internal competitions and we have Vale Tudo twice a week at all our gyms. So we are sparring and training all the time.

Somebody called me the other day about another competition venture they are trying to start so we will see what happens. But with so many poor people in our country who has time to worry about MMA competitions.



Rodney, where did you say your school is, my wife is from Pretoria and I am going to go there sometime in the summer, would love to train with you guys if it's close. take care

Youe welcome to come in and train:)

My gym is in Randburg......check out our site at for directions!



cool, probably around may time frame is what it's looking like now, I'll be in touch.