ATTN ROGAN: The RZA from Wu-Tang says on his AMA

Regarding the Joe Rogan Experience:

'I would love to be on as a guest someday. I'll wait for the time for him to invite me.'


book him Danno

Might as well Phone Post 3.0

Make it so! Phone Post 3.0

Book him Hogan! Phone Post 3.0

Do it Joe, they have an album that is on auction it is the only copy and they received like 5 million dollar offers for it. Phone Post 3.0

that would be a great convo. 

The Razor?

or Bobby Digital?

We can all get the answer to the universal question 'Do I need to diversify my bonds'?

Mr. Rogan, please make this happen! Thank you! Phone Post 3.0

'I love the UFC. Pissed off when Anderson lost and broke his own leg! But the fight goes on.'

Do it. Diversify your bonds, Joe. Phone Post 3.0

In for RZA and Rogan together, would be excellent. Phone Post 3.0

Yes please

It would be awesome to have RZA and GZA both on at some point, not necessarily together though. GZA is very intelligent and interesting. Phone Post 3.0

TFK_HossPearson - Do it. Diversify your bonds, Joe. Phone Post 3.0